Power and Distribution

  • Commercial / industrial power system
  • High voltage distribution
  • Uninterruptable power systems
  • Emergency power generation
  • Harmonic/power factor correction

Service Includes:

Ritenburg and Associates offers complete project expertise in areas such as high/medium/low voltage distribution and switchgear, uninterruptable power systems, power generation, harmonic mitigation, and power factor correction.  We always consider the operational and long term importance of incorporating redundant strategies into our designs and that single points of failure are removed when possible.  We have successfully completed a significant number of projects throughout Western Canada adhering to these principles and providing our clients with optimum project delivery.


  • Commercial / industrial lighting
  • Lighting control systems
  • Stage lighting
  • Parking lot/roadway lighting

Service Includes:

Our firm has developed expertise in the design of energy efficient lighting environments with special consideration to the aesthetic aspects of the space and the use of natural lighting.  We have been involved in a variety of designs incorporating the Canadian Incentive Building Program (CBIP) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) designs.  Recent projects have incorporating and refined approaches involving borrowed daylight, low voltage control, LED Lighting, and occupancy sensing.  We currently use an advanced computer modelling program that allows us to model the effects of electric lighting and natural light while demonstrating the effect of various alternatives such as windows, skylights and light shelves in differing configurations.


  • Motor control including Variable Frequency Drives
  • Control and instrumentation
  • PLC and SCADA programming

Service Includes:

Our firm has a wealth of knowledge in automation and control ranging from small to large scale.  From the automation side, our expertise includes motor control centres, variable frequency drives, alongside many custom projects requiring unique solutions.  On the digital side, we have proficiency with programmable logic controller programming, SCADA system creation and utilization, and HMI design.  These skills have been utilized in projects involving lift stations, water treatment plants, custom school code white systems, and many others.

Health Care including Long Term Care Facilities

  • Multiple types of patient care areas
  • MRI’s, CT Scans, E.P. Cath. Labs, Linear Accelerators
  • Emergency alert and communication systems
  • Large scale emergency vital and non-vital power systems

Service Includes:

Ritenburg and Associates has a long history in the providing the design of Health Care facilities including Long Term Care, new construction and renovations in existing facilities.  The designs incorporate providing the electrical distribution systems, lighting and control of lighting, communications and life safety systems in these facilities with consideration to redundancy of system, operation and maintenance, and infection control procedures.   Continually applying applicable standards, the latest technology and integration of systems in the designs.  Many of these systems are unique to the healthcare world, including nurse call, patient care grounding practices, medical emergency alarm systems, infant protection, CT Scan/MRI equipment, linear accelerators, surgical suites, ambulatory care, palliative care, pediatrics, and many others.

Life safety and Security

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Emergency lighting design
  • Door access control / intrusion detection / fence Detection
  • Video / audio surveillance

Service Includes:

Ritenburg & Associates has extensive experience in the establishment of a multitude of life safety systems ranging from networked fire alarm / paging systems to custom implementations for Correctional Services Canada (CSC), municipal police departments and the RCMP.  We have extensive experience with Internet Protocol (IP) security systems and with the proper placement of video and audio surveillance equipment.  

Communication systems

  • Network infrastructure design
  • Public address / paging systems
  • Stage audio systems

Service Includes:

In an ever-changing market landscape, there is an increasing demand for design in the areas of data infrastructure and audio systems.  From school intercom systems to theatre and stage audio systems, Ritenburg and Associates has been involved in a multitude of projects that have required specialized engineering design.  Our communication experience also extends to Data and Telephony systems.  This includes network design involving fibre optics, core and edge network switch design, buildings with multiple concurrent data networks, and office building data and telco system infrastructure design.

Specialty Areas

  • LEED® certification
  • Alternative energy production
  • Heritage projects
  • Building infrastructure review
  • Hazardous area classification
  • Sound Masking

Service Includes:

Our firm has a high level of concern for the environmental impact of our projects from environmental specifications that address generator emissions and advanced exhaust gas after treatment to the requirement for project waste management systems.  Our firm employs LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) accredited professionals as we routinely work on LEED projects.  Our experience with these projects is brought into every project that we do ensuring that the environment is being considered during every phase of the project.